Remote Collar

What is Remote Collar Training and who can benefit from it?

Everyone can benefit! Some reasons to consider Remote Collar Training:
•Off leash training to offer your dog more freedom
•Improving their recall (come command)
•Teach them boundaries without a physical barrier
•Modify behaviors
•Communicate with your dog without having a leash on and more!  Too many reasons to list!
cleveland remote collar training
We have used low level stimulation to help dogs overcome leash reactivity using Remote Collar Training.  We have found with dogs that are reactive on leash we can use a much more subtle communication to the dog to gain their attention to focus back on us as the handler, and show them we have control of the situation so they don't need to be concerned.  At times leash pressure can add to the excitement or frustration the dog feels when in a reactive state of mind.  The remote collar is a useful tool to add less pressure to the dog to communicate to the dog and not add additional frustration.

Another example of use for Remote Collar Training is when a dog may be outside in his or her fenced in yard, comes running and slams into the back door to tell their humans they are ready to come inside.  That behavior can not only be dangerous to the dog as it could hurt the dog, but also can do damage to your door.  After we teach the dog what the collar means with low levels of stimulation, we can begin teaching the dog by communicating with the collar to resolve behaviors like this.

***Important things to know***
•We do NOT shock dogs.
•We use units that are stimulation like that of TENS units used by physical therapists to stimulate blood flow to the muscle.
•We use units that have settings that allow for very subtle increases in stimulation level.
•We use low level stimulation and vibrate to condition the dog to understand pressure on and off as if it were a tap on the shoulder to say "pay attention to me (the handler)."
•We do NOT just increase stimulation levels because the dog is being "stubborn."  We work with the dog to determine where the breakdown in communication is.

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