Behavior Modification

Too often we hear:
•Dog Aggression
•Human Aggression
•Leash Aggression
•Separation Anxiety
Behavior modification begins with evaluation/observation of the behavior where it occurs.  Our specialized trainers will develop a behavior modification plan created just for your dog's individual needs. Depending on the behavior or aggression, multiple sessions may be recommended. The specialized plan and sessions will be thoroughly explained to you by your assessment trainer. Contact us today for your behavior modification plan.
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? We'll show you how.
If you hear yourself saying these statements about your dog, it's time for behavior modification.
Here are the most common types of behavior modifications:
•Food/Toy Aggression
•Jumping and Pulling
•Excessive Barking
•Fence Fighting
•Territorial Aggression
You will see a difference in the first session.
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